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What is the BIX cryptocurrency?

BIX is a cryptocurrency build by the exchange. When you hold this cryptocurrency in your Bibox account you receive dividend on your holdings. This website calculates an estimate on how much this is based on your holdings.

What is the BIX Incentive reward program?

Bibox will take out 45% of net profit to share with BIX holders. Bibox will take a snapshot of BIX balances in Bibox at 17:00 on every Friday. All the reward we will distribution to users’ account.

Bibox Bix Rewards Calculator FAQ

What do I have to do to receive the BIX bonus?

You have to keep your BIX in your Bibox account and trade at least once a week.

How does the bibox calculator work?

We calculate the 24hour volume of the Bibox exchange and multiply it by the trading fees. We use your input to make a calculation based on the information Bibox provides.

How accurate is the Bibox calculator?

We try to be as accurate as we can be. Bibox does not offer numbers on how much trades use BIX tokes for discount on the trading fees. This is not taken into the calculations. Also Bibox does not give any information about their total revenue.

How do you calculate this reward?

This example is provided by Bibox: “The net profit of this week is 100BTC in, if you hold 130000BIX, you will receive (130000/130000000) 30% 100BTC = 0.02BTC per week. If the trading amount and operating costs of the platform stay the same, you will get 1.04 BTC a year. “ You can find more information here

How can I contact you?

Direct message your feedback, questions or advices to us via Mail We are looking forward to hear from you!